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Tip: Restaurant Macelleria, New York City, USA

One of my favourite areas in New York City is the Meatpacking District. With its rough-looking buildings, cobbled streets, fancy clubs and fabulous HighLine Park it is a must-go-to area.

My favourite restaurant is an Italian place, called Macelleria which means butcher in Italian, fitting seeing the location. You can eat large steaks that have been specially dryed for a couple of years or have a lovely pasta or risotto dish. We loved the ragú here, which is authentic Italian meat (like a stew) served on pasta. But leave room for dessert because the cheesecake is just delicious. 

You can sit outside and see all the hipsters pass-by. Or sit inside, and especially in the basement area, with such a warm atmosphere that you loose track of time.

Address: 48 Gansevoort Street, Meatpacking District, New York City, NY, USA

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